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Asking And Giving Opinion

I. A brief Description about the topic

As university students, how often do you give opinion to other people? Is it in formal or informal situation? How do you feel while giving opinion? Here below, some essential notes about this topic are available.

1. University students as intellectual people, must be familiar to asking and giving opinion especially in formal situation such as joining seminar, facing exam, taking part on workshop, attending discussion etc.

2. In giving opinion, be accustomed to telling reason or argument. For example, when you say disagreement to someone’s opinion, you need to tell the reason why you disagree.

3. University students must be able to appreciate different opinion. It means your opinion sometimes will be received or rejected by others. Remember, it is impossible that an opinion will be accepted by all people.

4. University students must be able to differentiate between formal and informal situation.

5. The following list deals about some common phrases that can be applied to ask someone’s opinion in formal situation.

A) What’s your opinion about demonstration?

B) What is your comment about TV’s current programs?

C) What can you say about function of money?

D) According to your mind what are the characteristics of a good boss?

E) What is your point of view about working overtime?

F) What do you know about pollution?

H) What do you think about law enforcement in Indonesia nowadays?

6. There are some ways you can apply in giving opinion in formal situation.

A) In my opinion, demonstration is OK as long as the demonstrators do not disturb public interest.

B) I think working overtime is good especially for the efficiency of the company.

C) According to my mind, one characteristic of a good boss is polite when speaking to employees.

D) If I am not mistaken, law enforcement in Indonesia is getting improvement.


II. Complete the exercise on your module page: 46, 47, and 48

III. Please drill your students vocabulary page 10.